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Following New Blue Jays Twitter Accounts - Adding to the Muting/filtering/spoiler-proof Systems on Tweecha (Android) and Yoru Fukurou (Mac OS)

Although I have what I believe to be the most awesome, practically spoiler-proof system for reading Blue Jays tweets in “alternate time” as we watch PVR-delay or archived games (including a comparable Android version), when the Blue Jays sign a new player or I find a new Jays fan to follow on Twitter, new accounts need to be added to this system.

This post describes what happens when I want to follow a new, potentially-Jays-spoiling Twitter account.

Customizing My Twitter Experience Through Muting, Filtering and Lists With Tweecha on Android

There are two major criteria I have for a Twitter client, given the way that I use Twitter.

1. Keep track (and hold on to a lengthy backlog) of unread tweets.

2. Keep certain tweets out of my main timeline but still accessible to me when I’m ready to go back and read them. (ie Not simply “muted” or “blocked”)

I discovered last year that Tweecha did one very well. Months later, I’m pleased to report that it also does the second very well.

How to Make a Public Album Gallery Page in Google Photos - Like Picasa Had

Can I start yet another post with “One issue (among many!) that people are having with the transition from Picasa Web Albums to Google Photos is …” ? Well, here goes nothin’!

Today I attempted to create a public photo album gallery page in Google Photos, something PicasaWeb Albums generates automatically for its users but Google Photos does not. Here’s what I did:

Photo Organization Workflow

I’m less of a “photographer” and more of a “photo management addict.” I may not have great photos, but the ones I have are immaculately organized! Many have asked me about my process, so here’s a description of what I do to keep on top of the many photos, from many sources, I accumulate.

Converting Twitter to RSS - Contingency Planning

Like everyone else, I have feelings about the rumoured algorithm coming to change our Twitter timelines. But maybe unlike everyone else, I have long been working on secret plan to keep my Twitter timeline intact.

Ever since Twitter started making life difficult for third-party clients and developers to create (or even make use of existing) features, I’ve been stocking the bunker with the supplies. I’ve even had to start from scratch when Twitter (officially) removed some key features and changed their API. But as of this moment, stores are replenished. And if I had to take shelter in the bunker tomorrow, I believe I could survive.

Here’s my plan for surviving an (the?) eventual Twitter apocolypse…

How I Fixed SuperDuper Error Type 28: No Space Left on Device

Yesterday (aka “The Day that Tech Stopped Working”) after a string of tech annoyances, I figured the safest thing to do was to quickly run a backup. (I don’t have automated backups, but I do run a SuperDuper backup a few times per month, and especially whenever I’ve made major changes to my file system.) Somewhat befitting the crazy I had, for the first time, running a SuperDuper backup failed.

Although the last thing I wanted to do was to spend more time at my machine, I proceeded to research what “Error 28: no space left on device” means when you’re quite certain your external hard drive is large enough to backup your laptop’s internal hard drive.

Managing Unread Tweets - Is Tweecha Android Twitter Client a Match for Yoru Fukurou (Night Owl)?

As I’ve written before, YoruFukurou (Night Owl) is my indispensable Mac OS X twitter client. It’s the only client I’ve found that supports tweet filtering, not just simply muting of tweets so that tweets I might not to see now can still be read at a convenient time later.

It also happens to be a very good client for someone who likes to keep track of which tweets have or haven’t been read, which is useful if you choose to (eventually) read every tweet in your timeline. As long as the application doesn’t restart, it can hold tens of thousands of unread tweets, all nicely organized into various tabs. If I wanted to, I could leave Yoru Fukurou running at home on a computer, go out of town for a week, and everything would be there when I got home! This is a tall ask of an Android Twitter client, but as someone who does try to manage unread tweets, I wanted to see how close I could get.

Avoiding Blue Jays Baseball Spoilers on Twitter

In honour of Home Opening Day for the Toronto Blue Jays (and in lieu of the writing I should be doing today), here’s a post I’ve been meaning to write to explain exactly how my super-awesome-spoiler-proof Twitter system works.

“So, you mute keywords and hashtags?” Oh, if only it were that simple!