One issue (among many!) that people are having with the transition from Picasa Web Albums to Google Photos is how to directly link to a photo from Google Photos. If you have a photo in a Picasa Web Album that you’d like to put on a website, you can right click to “Open Image in New Tab.” Then, the URL of that new tab will be a link that ends in a .jpg extension, and can be used in an html IMG tag. But, with Google Photos, right clicking to open a photo in a new tab gives you a very long URL that does NOT end with the jpg extension.

This might make it seem that we can no longer directly use images from our Google Photos accounts in html websites. Fortunately, while image URLs typically do end in a standard extension like .jpg or .png, they don’t have to. The URL of the tab when you right click (or control-click) may not look like it’s going to provide you with an image on your html page, but happily, it does!

You can also define attributes, such as the width of the photo, like this:

<img style="width: 1000px;" src=""/>

In some cases, you may still need the .jpg extension. One such example is posting images to bulletin boards or forums who forbid the use of html tags for security, but allow you to post images using the [img] tag. Fortunately, you can simply add the .jpg extension to that long, Google link and the URL should still point to your image. (Note the “?” added immediately before the .jpg extension.)

<img style="width: 1000px;" src=""/>

So, while this may have appeared to be one feature we would lose as Picasa Web Albums is phased out in favour of Google Photos, at least on my basic html website, I can still include my photos stored online in Google on my website’s pages.

(Posted using the Google link with no extension)

(Posted using the Google link with ?.jpg added at the end of the link)


Following my own advice, I made another blog post that contained images (screenshots of my laptop). I uploaded these images to Google Photos through my browser, then right/control-clicked to get the image URL and used these in my image html tags. As they say, “It worked on my machine . . .” but everyone else was seeing a blocked/forbidden image symbol.

My solution to this problem was to individually “share” each photo, and choose the “get link” option. Then, clicking on that shortened link sent me to the photo’s “public” page (as opposed to, I guess, the photo’s “private” page in my Google Photos account). I could then right/control-click to get the image address and finally use THAT url in my html image tag, and all was fine.

So, if you have trouble using a Google image in an html tag, first check to see whether a privacy setting is the issue. You might have to first make sure the image has been “shared” so that Google Photos creates a link for the photo that is viewable to the public. Then, that image link address can be used.