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Saskatchewan Homeschool University Admission Requirements

I know, it’s bad blogger form not to post anything for weeks then make two posts on the same day.

But, I thought I’d share the news that both major universities in Saskatchewan have homeschool admission policies! (The other degree-granting institutions in SK offer degrees through one of these two universities, so I’m only including the two here for admission purposes.)

University of Regina’s Homeschool Admission Page

Home Based Learner Applicants in this category must supply the following to the Admissions Office:
  1. A completed Application for Undergraduate Program Admission
  2. The application fee.
  3. A statement of identification as a home-based learner and a letter of intent (sample) outlining their educational goals and objectives, and including relevant extracurricular activities (arts activities, athletics, community service, employment) as they pertain to university preparation; a Home-Based Learner Profile can be found under Printable Forms.
  4. A Home-Based Learner transcript detailing grade 11 and 12 courses (sample 1 and sample 2).
  5. Evidence (as noted below) of having achieved the following:
    1. a minimum combined score of 1100 in the SAT I (Critical Reading and Math portions only) or a minimum average of 24 in the ACT ; and
    2. One of:
    • A minimum grade of 60% in one university course in a relevant admission subject; the course may be taken from the University of Regina as an accelerated student or another accredited university
    • A minimum grade of 65% in one 30-level high school course taken through a provincial correspondence school or by challenging a provincial departmental examination; the course must appear on the official provincial transcript of high school grades
    • A minimum grade of 4 in an approved Advanced Placement course
    • A minimum score of 650 on one SAT II subject examination
    Evidence of achievement is provided by the following documents, to be sent directly from the responsible institution or agency to the Admissions Office (documents are not accepted from applicants unless otherwise indicated): test scores: official statement of results from the testing agency 30-level high school course: one official provincial high school transcript (accepted from applicant) University of Regina course: no evidence required; applicants should note attendance on the application form Other university course: two official university transcripts AP course: official statement of results from the College Board
An interview with a Faculty advisor may be required by the University or requested by the applicant. Successful applicants will be admitted to the Faculty of Arts (with a condition of “mandatory advising”), the Faculty of Fine Arts or the Faculty of Social Work. Home Based Learners applying to other faculties may ask to be admitted to the Faculty of Arts to qualify for transfer to their faculty of choice (see post-secondary transfer requirements). Further details can be found in the Admission Profile for Home-Based Learners.

University of Saskatchewan’s Admissions Page (click the tab for Home Schooled Applicants)

The University of Saskatchewan offers applicants who have elected to complete a home schooling program the following options:
  1. Admission to all direct-entry colleges by successfully writing the Saskatchewan Learning provincial examinations (or equivalent) and obtaining Adult 12 standing in the required subjects and meeting the required admission average
  2. Applying for Special (Mature) admission at the age of 21
  3. Applicants will be considered for admissions into the Colleges of Arts & Science and Agriculture & Bioresources based on the provision of one or more of the following assessment tools:
    • A Home Based School Transcript with details of all Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses taken
    • Independent third party examinations including nationally normed standardized achievement tests such as a minimum score of 1100 in the SAT I or a minimum average of 24 in the ACT
    • An educational portfolio
Please note: An interview may be requested The University of Saskatchewan reserves the right to request additional information at the institution’s discretion.