Although I have what I believe to be the most awesome, practically spoiler-proof system for reading Blue Jays tweets in “alternate time” as we watch PVR-delay or archived games (including a comparable Android version), when the Blue Jays sign a new player or I find a new Jays fan to follow on Twitter, new accounts need to be added to this system.

This post describes what happens when I want to follow a new, potentially-Jays-spoiling Twitter account.

When I find a new Twitter user to follow that tweets about the Blue Jays at least semi-regularly, I have to assume that there may come a day when one of his or her tweets might spoil the result of a game we haven’t watched yet.

  1. Follow the user on Twitter
  2. Add the user to my "Blue Jays" Twitter List. (This is primarily for the Android solution.)
  3. In Yoru Fukurou on Mac OS: Using "Add User to tab" - My tab settings are already set up so that adding users to my Blue Jays tab redirects tweets both from and mentioning this user out of my regular timeline and into my Jays filter tab for reading later
  4. In Tweecha on Android: Using "Mute Settings - Definitions" - I do need to manually add the user to the list of muted users. If it's an account others may be tweeting about, then I also add this user name (and/or their real name, in the case of baseball players) to the list of keywords to mute. (Remember, Tweecha allows selective muting, so you're not completely muting a user, just hiding their tweets from certain views. In my case, I mute these users from my Timeline but not when reading my Blue Jays Twitter List.)

After these few steps, I can read Twitter in two different “timelines” (occurring in two different “times”) on either Mac OS or Android: real-time (or as caught up as I happen to be reading my normal twitter timeline) and a separate “Blue Jays time.”

This “alternate Blue Jays time” could be a “#PVR Delay” (since we record every Jays game, even when we’re home, and start watching on a delay so we can fast forward through the commercials) or could be even a day or two behind if we’re traveling and watching archived, completed games much later on MLB TV. This system maintains two separate timelines, in two different “current times” so that I don’t simply miss tweets (ie muted and never seen) that might spoil a Blue Jays game.

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