My Android apps of choice, many of which are cross-platform services.



  • Weather Widget - You have to see it to believe it. This is the first thing I put on a new phone.
  • Windy - To be honest, I find the app is a little much for what I need, but it has great widgets.
  • Weawow - Again, I don't personally use the app itself much, but nice widgets and you can set the widgets to report "feels like" temps (wind chill/humidex) which I prefer. (Why yes, I do have SIX different weather widgets spanning two of my home screens.)

Twitter, News, RSS

  • Twitpane - I can't live with out this. How do you Twitter without this app?
  • Tweecha - I love it almost as much as Twitpane. When I'm reading Blue Jays baseball Twitter on delay, this is the app I use to keep "current" in my "alternate timeline."
  • Gravity (Yes, the old Nokia Twitter app on Android! Nostalgia!)
  • Slide for Reddit - Don't forget to set up Synccit to sync between devices and with the website. ("Old Reddit" website only, though.)
  • Flym News Reader - A simple, but elegant RSS feed reader. My fave to use, but does not synchronize with any online feed reader.
  • Feed Me RSS/Podcast - The closest thing to Flym that syncs (I use Old Reader, but it works with several options.)



  • Google Photos
  • F-Stop Gallery - A powerhouse photo gallery app for viewing/organizing with tags, ratings etc.
  • Piktures - Another beautiful gallery app, if you don't want something like F-Stop.
  • pFolio (for Google Photos; dev has other apps for other services like Flikr etc.)
  • Snapseed - The photo editor I keep coming back to for tweaks, especially easy to use selective and brush edits (i.e. lightening up just a bird's face)
  • Polarr Photo Editor - One of the few RAW photo editors for Android, and good denoise tools. I'll often put photos through this before making some adjustments in Snapseed.
  • Photo Editor - Powerful, full-featured, no-nonsense editor for photo edits as well as adding text etc.
  • Rename Photos and Videos



Website Management

  • Forestry - Static site CMS that syncs/commits a Jekyll/Gatsby/Hugo blog
  • MrHyde - Jekyll blogging on Android
  • StatCounter
  • Stackbit - Edit on-page, share previews and monitor builds without ever leaving your site