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Thinking in Astro, Coming from React

Astro sites allow you to *use* React, but they *aren't* React, themselves. Understanding the differences between React and Astro can help you get started more quickly, so here are some thoughts on how to think like an Astro-naut!

Getting started with React components in Astro

Yes, you can write and render your React components in your Astro page. But remember, Astro *isn't* React, and you might be getting error messages when you *totally know* your React component should work. It's not complicated to establish the Astro-React relationship, but you might not be used to doing these things. . .

Rewriting a React Component as an Astro Component

I'd been using a lot of components in my Astro blog, but I realized that they were almost all *React* components, because that's what I know. So, I wanted to try reproducing some functionality by replacing a React component with a corresponding Astro component.