Here is a tweet embedded via “react-twitter-widgets”

Install “react-twitter-widgets” and configure options using Twitter documentation

My user prop is sarah11918

My user prop is jbrains

Code for this page:

import BaseLayout from '../../layouts/BaseLayout.astro';
import { Markdown } from 'astro/components';
import RecentTweet from '../../components/RecentTweet.jsx';
<BaseLayout title="Recent Tweet">
    ## Here is a tweet embedded via "react-twitter-widgets"
    <RecentTweet user="sarah11918" client:load />
    <RecentTweet user="jbrains" client:load />

Code for the Twitter component RecentTweet:

import React from "react";
import { Timeline } from "react-twitter-widgets";

const RecentTweet = ({user}) => (
    <div className="tweet">
          sourceType: "profile",
          screenName: user,
          width: "100",
          tweetLimit: "1",
          dnt: "true"

export default RecentTweet;