IF Timer (web app)

This app tracks intermittent fasting times, allowing you to record when you "start eating" and "stop eating" during the day. It is completely functional and you can feel free to create an account and use it right now!

This was my first attempt at writing a web app using bubble.is. It relies on timestamps based on when certain buttons are pressed, and V1 does not allow you to retroactively edit times, or go back and enter missed times. But, for what it does do, it is extremely stable. If you press the buttons when you start/stop daily fasting, it will accurately report for how long you've been fasting, and in which fasting state you currently are. Please, try it out! :)

Send Direct to Someone Else's Pocket (read later) Account (IFTTT Applet using Pocket and ToDoist services)

This two-part IFTTT Applet (requires both you and a second user to create IFTTT recipes) allows you to tag an item in your Pocket account and have it instantly be added to another user's Pocket account, with no action required on their part.

I created this applet as an improvement on Pocket's current "share" feature which only notifies a user that someone has shared something with them, and asks them if they'd like to view it or add it to their list. Instead of annoying User #2 with a notification, and requiring them to respond to a notification in order for them to actually see the shared article, my applet will put the item directly in User #2's Pocket reading queue. This is quite useful because Pocket reguarly syncs and downloads your articles for offline viewing, so you can open up Pocket even in offline mode and these shared articles will appear in your reading list, even if you haven't "accepted" them while you were online.

Sinz (Android app - Unpublished)

This app tracks "how long since" something happened.

It works similar to a stopwatch, but for items where you want to measure in hours/days, not minutes/seconds. (And therefore, I really didn't want to see milliseconds racing by at me when I checked the app!) Initially, I wanted an app to track an action that needed to repeat roughly every 6 - 12 hours or so, whenever I felt like it. So, I didn't need an alarm because there was no defined time for repeating the next action. I wanted to be able to glance at a widget and see how long had passed so that I could, in context, make a decision about when would be a good time to repeat the action. For example, if it had been "7 hours Sinz," I could go another 5 hours. But, if I were about to head out for the evening, and I couldn't be sure I'd have a good opportunity in the next five hours, I might choose to just repeat the action NOW. There didn't seem to be an app that handled this sort of flexibility, so I really just wanted to know "How long has it been since . . .?" so I could make decisions in context. So Joe and I built one. Then, when we started intermittent fasting, I wanted an app that would show me how long it had been "Sinz" I last ate, and this became the basis for my web app IF Timer.

Tutr (Android app - Unpublished)

This app is your math tutor in your pocket!

My staff and I always joked that 90% of a math tutor's job was to randomly generate stock phrases during tutoring sessions when our students were stuck, like, "What do you think you should do?" or "What question are you trying to solve?" or "What do you know how to do at this step?" So, Joe and I created a very basic Android app with a button that read "I'm stuck!" and when you pressed it, it would give you one of these phrases. Any more questions? "What information are you missing right now?"

sBird (JavaScript project)

This is my first solo attempt building a web app in JavaScript that uses eBird's API to show recent bird sightings. I also used this to try out Gitpod.io's web IDE on the Chromebook, which I'm really liking!