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Making a reusable Astro component from CodePen's embed HTML

Since interactive CodePen embedded workspaces are sometimes better, and more accessible ways to blog about code, I thought I'd extract the patterns in the HTML and practice making a little Astro component!


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Rewriting a React Component as an Astro Component

I'd been using a lot of components in my Astro blog, but I realized that they were almost all *React* components, because that's what I know. So, I wanted to try reproducing some functionality by replacing a React component with a corresponding Astro component.


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Interpreting the Astro "Upgraded Required" message in live web preview

A misleading error message that might steer you down the wrong path...


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Javascript 5-pin bowling simulation in CodePen

When you code for @jbrains, you get 5-pin bowling coding assignments!


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Escaping Markdown Characters in Astro

Exploring the ins and outs of special Markdown characters in Astro


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A footer that sits at the bottom of "short" pages

Using flex-grow to create a "spacer" div to solve the problem of a footer displaying halfway down a page when you don't have enough content to fill the entire height of the screen.


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Adventures with Global CSS in Astro

A comparison of what happened (spoiler alert -- it got weird!) when I tried to import styles/global.css into my layout.astro file.


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React Context Post

An example of React context in Astro, using a currency example


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Updating Node version to fix Gatsby issues in CodeSandbox

It just didn't make sense that no online editors were building Gatsby projects, so I decided to dive in...


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New Gatsby.js site via Stackbit

I held on with all eight tentacles to Octopress as long as I could! But now that I'm learning JavaScript more seriously, I thought a good project would be a modern blog with some modern technologies. Let's head into the Roaring Twenties with Gatsby(.js) and an interesting JAMstack site builder/maintainer called Stackbit.


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How to Connect a Chromebook to Radisson Hotel Wifi

Can't connect to wifi on your Chromebook when you stay at Radisson hotel because of their captive portal? No, it's *not* just a matter of finding a non-SSL page to start your connection like with many other captive portals. Here's what I did to "approximate a working wifi connection" on my Chromebook at Radisson hotels. Maybe someone from Radisson will see this and upgrade their wifi system!


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How to Embed a Google Photos Album on a Web Page

Google Photos is great for *storing* your photos. It's even becoming pretty good at *sharing* select photos with select people. But still, the problem for many of us from the Picasa Web Album days is *displaying* our albums publicly.


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MrHyde Android App on Chromebook

Unexpectedly, I've been doing most of my blog post editing directly via a browser while logged into instead of using an Android markdown editor. I wanted to revisit my options, however, so here goes a post composed via MrHyde.


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IF Timer v1.0

A quick post to announce a very exciting thing: I have an app, and now you can have it, too! Get IF Timer now, or read more about it first. . .


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Using MarkdownX Android app for Blogging on Samsung Chromebook Pro

I sat down to write a post about setting up my Twitter client on my phone, but this post quickly became about the app I'm using to write this post, instead.


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First Jekyll post written on the Samsung Chromebook Pro!

This is my first attempt to draft and publish a new post entirely on this machine...


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Jekyll Blog Post Entirely via Android

While I was mostly ready to switch from Mac to ChromeOS/Android, the last piece of the puzzle was this Jekyll blog which is generated on my machine, then the static site is uploaded to Heroku. With no means of generating the site locally on a Chromebook or Android device, I had to spend some time figuring out my alternatives. If you can read this, then I am success! And here's what I did...


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Creating your own Direct-Share-to-Friend feature in Pocket using IFTTT and Todoist

Even though Joe and I both have our own Pocket accounts, for the longest time there was no in-app way to notify each other when we found something we think the other person should read. Even though that feature has recently been added, we didn't just want a *notification* that required action. I wanted to directly add to his reading list so that articles would automatically be downloaded for offline reading with no action required on Joe's part. So, I cobbled together my own direct sharing system so that I can simply tag an article in Pocket for Joe, and it will automatically show up right in his Pocket reading list. This is how I did it...


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My new (Google) Photo Organization Workflow

It's been exactly two months since the day my Desktop Picasa app stopped connecting to my Google account. The secret handshakes no longer worked. The known tricks for appending URLs were useless. Whether I was ready to or not, I had to move on. I'm still trying to recover, but here's more or less how things go now . . .


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Lesson Learned - Never create a shared album in Google Photos!

"Shared Albums" in Google Photos are great for collaborating. I finally got Joe on board with adding his travel photos directly to my shared albums, and it worked perfectly! So, if you think you'll want this set up where multiple people contribute to the same album, you should probably just create a "new shared album" right off the bat, right? WRONG!


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(Google) Photo Organization Workflow - Revisited

Well, it finally happened . No more Picasa Web Albums! I've spent a few months trying to come up with a decent Google Photos workflow and Picasa alternative, and here's what I've settled on for now


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Following new Blue Jays twitter accounts - adding to the muting/filtering/spoiler-proof systems on Tweecha (Android) and Yoru Fukurou (Mac OS)

I have written before about my most awesome, practically spoiler-proof system on MacOS for reading Blue Jays tweets in "alternate time" as we watch PVR-delay or archived games (and a comparable Android version). But, it's not simply "set it and forget it!" When the Blue Jays sign a new player or I find a new Jays fan to follow on Twitter, new accounts need to be added to this system.


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Customizing My Twitter Experience Through Muting, Filtering And Lists with Tweecha on Android

There are two major criteria I have for a Twitter client, given the way that I use Twitter: keep track (and hold on to a lengthy backlog) of unread tweets; and keep certain tweets out of my main timeline but still accessible to me when I’m ready to go back and read them. (ie Not simply “muted” or “blocked.”) I discovered last year that Tweecha did one very well. Months later, I'm pleased to report that it also does the second very well.


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How to make a public album gallery page in Google Photos - like Picasa had

Today I attempted to create a public photo album gallery page in Google Photos, something PicasaWeb Albums generates automatically for its users but Google Photos does not. Here's what I did:


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Photo Organization Workflow

I'm perhaps less of a "photographer" and more of a "photo management addict." I may not have great photos, but the ones I have are immaculately organized! Many have asked me about my process, so here's a description of what I do to keep on top of the many photos, from many sources, I accumulate.


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How to obtain a direct link to an image in Google Photos for creating html image tag

One issue (among many!) that people are having with the transition from Picasa Web Albums to Google Photos is how to directly link to a photo from Google Photos.


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How I fixed SuperDuper Error Type 28: no space left on device

The story of "Error 28: no space left on device" means when you're quite certain your external hard drive is large enough to backup your laptop's internal hard drive.


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Managing unread tweets - Is Tweecha Android Twitter Client a match for Yoru Fukurou (Night Owl)?

As I've written before, YoruFukurou (Night Owl) is my indispensable Mac OS X twitter client. It's the only client I've found that supports tweet filtering, not just simply muting of tweets so that tweets I might not to see *now* can still be read at a convenient time *later*. It also happens to be a very good client for someone who likes to keep track of which tweets have or haven't been read, which is useful if you choose to (eventually) read every tweet in your timeline. As long as the application doesn't restart, it can hold tens of thousands of unread tweets, all nicely organized into various tabs. If I wanted to, I could leave Yoru Fukurou running at home on a computer, go out of town for a week, and everything would be there when I got home! This is a tall ask of an Android Twitter client, but as someone who does try to manage unread tweets, I wanted to see how close I could get.


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Avoiding Toronto Blue Jays baseball spoilers on Twitter

I've been meaning to write to explain exactly how my super-awesome-spoiler-proof Twitter system works. "So, you mute keywords and hashtags?" Oh, if only it were that simple!


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