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Photo Organization Workflow


Google Photos

In a nutshell …

Unfortunately, Google has just announced that the Picasa desktop software application is no longer being supported. It will continue to run on machines that have it installed… until it doesn’t. The Picasa application will no longer keep up with any changes made ‘round the web that might interfere with how it functions, so all I can do is ride the wave while I still can.

You can still download Picasa for Mac OS for a short time at and it will work until something in a Mac OS upgrade or a change to Google’s handling of photo uploads breaks some of its features. Google has said that PicasaWeb and its features that currently don’t exist in Google Photos (specifically, much more control over working with, displaying and organizing your albums) will continue to exist for now, and then will exist in some other yet unknown form. I really hope this includes a public gallery page!

Alternatives and Replacements

I’m not sure yet what I’ll do when this system breaks down. Although I use a Mac, I don’t use any iOS devices and am not in the Apple ecosystem. Furthermore, Apple’s built-in Photos application does not do what I want, and does so in a way that I don’t like. So, I am constantly on the lookout for other photo organization apps or systems.

Specifically, I am only interested in a “browser-based” app that views files and folders I have already created. I do not want an app that creates its own massive database and hides my individual files and folders, which is what most of the photo apps do. I also do want something that will continue to integrate with Google Photos, since I have all of my roughly 300 albums there already.

I have been looking at Lyn App as a Picasa Desktop replacement. Lyn App currently does upload to PicasaWeb, but I don’t know whether it will be updated to connect with Google Photos in the same way. If Google does not intend to release a desktop app for Photos (which is necessary for working offline, as I often am when travelling), then I will likely try my best with Lyn.

Google Photos

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