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Since these thoughts won't show up in my RSS feeds, next on the stack will be figuring out how, if at all, I want to broadast these.

To do: content collection-specific RSS feed


Right now, my RSS feed publishes posts from my /posts/ folder. Adding new thoughts in src/content/thoughts/ will not create a new RSS item.

So, I will have to decide whether I even want these to go out via RSS. If so, I’ll need to create a separate feed (or figure out how to combine the two). I suspect an RSS feed that distributes items from multiple collections would be easy enough to figure out, but I haven’t yet converted my older, existing “posts” to a collection. I haven’t yet thought about what it might look like (if even possible) to combine items from /pages/posts/ and from a content collection.

Alternatively, I could experiment with publishing these to Twitter, Mastodon or Bluesky.

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