About This Website

This website has been used for various purposes in the past.

Currently, it is where I post about problems that I encounter, create, and solve while using, tweaking, breaking and sometimes creating technology.

About Me

In Toronto, I helped hundreds of students through high school & university as a private tutor, teacher, academic advisor, school administrator and guidance counsellor. I used several stylus-based tablet PCs for taking/making digital math notes long before tablets were a thing. I was also an active volunteer in the Ontario homeschooling community: writing, advising, and speaking at conferences.

From our island waterfront “semi-retirement” home in Atlantic Canada, I currently create and sell middle & high school math teaching/learning resources.

I’m “all things tech” for the Summerside Community Choir, and also sing in the Indian River Festival Chorus. When not rehearsing, I can be found digitizing music, webmastering, tweeting and tech troubleshooting for choir members.

I’m a super-zoom camera enthusiast and especially enjoy photographing birds at home on our local boardwalk or in whatever nature setting I can find on the road. I regularly chronicle life and world travel via Twitter and annotated Google Photo albums. Ever in search of the perfect digital photo-management system, I spend more time than any one human should testing, tweaking and breaking several services.

Other personal interests include cappuccino, watching Toronto Blue Jays baseball on PVR delay so we can skip commercials (no spoilers!), our low-carb/high-fat/grain-free/intermittent fasting/ketogenic diet, stylus-based gadgets (#ALLtheSamsung, plus many niche devices you’ve probably never heard of), and natural disaster movies where the rogue atmospheric physicist saves the day.

My home is currently Summerside, PEI, Canada (though I will always be “from Toronto”). My actual physical location could be anywhere in the world as a constant travel companion to my loving husband Joe, with whom the epic “Oshawa vs. Brampton” battle is ongoing.