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My bird and nature photography hobby began with a Nikon P900 super-zoom camera. I then upgraded to the Sony RX10iv, and now use a Nikon D7500 and D500.

Android Birding Apps

Android Photography Apps

  • Google Photos
  • Flickr
  • F-Stop Gallery - A powerhouse photo gallery app for viewing/organizing with tags, ratings etc.
  • Piktures - Another beautiful gallery app, if you don’t want something like F-Stop.
  • pixFolio (Google Photos alternative gallery, casting and slideshow app)
  • FlickFolio (Flickr alternative gallery app)
  • Snapseed - The photo editor I keep coming back to for tweaks, especially easy to use selective and brush edits (i.e. lightening up just a bird’s face)
  • Polarr Photo Editor - One of the few RAW photo editors for Android, and good denoise tools. I’ll often put photos through this before making some adjustments in Snapseed.
  • Photo Editor - Powerful, full-featured, no-nonsense editor for photo edits as well as adding text etc.
  • Rename Photos and Videos


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