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A black crow and a white/yellow chickadee sitting on a branch together, with a large moon behind them.

My Photography

Nature and Travel photography

We live along a nature trail in Summerside, PEI that includes not only an ocean/gulf coast (technically, a strait) but also forested areas as well as a protected marsh. So, I have a variety of land and sea birds to attempt to photograph right at my front door. Additionally, I am frequently distracted by butterflies, bees and dragonflies... anything with wings!

We also travel extensively throughout Europe, so in addition to whatever nature I can find on the road, some of my photography is attempts to capture interesting scenes during our trips. Much of it is documentation of things we want to remember, but I also try to take some photographs that might be interesting to others.

The best way to follow my current photo adventures is to follow me on Mastodon or Flickr.

I used to post photos regularly on Twitter. To just see my nature photos, you can use this handy advanced search direct link to find photos I have tweeted with the "camera" emoji (e.g. πŸ“·πŸ¦), which generally means an interesting photo I've taken.

My bird and nature photography hobby began with a Nikon P900 super-zoom camera. I then upgraded to the Sony RX10iv, and now use a Nikon D7500 and D500.

Android Birding Apps

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Photography Albums

This space will be updated when I finally decide how I want to showcase my albums! Below are some album embedding experiments, so I can see which format(s) I like:

Example of an embedded Flickr album

PEI Canada Nature

Example of an embedded Google Photos album